Jake for Prosecutor

The Issues

New Leadership, New Ideas

Attorneys in private practice usually work much longer hours than attorneys working for the government. Hear how Jake will put in whatever time it takes to win cases and protect the people. Watch the Video


I-69 – Preparing for coming change

Hear how the completion of I-69 will affect the traffic of hard core drugs through Monroe County and about the policies Jake will implement to minimize danger to the people of Monroe County. Watch the Video


Prioritizing Violent Crime

When is “Lock them up and throw away the key!” a justified attitude, and when do alternatives protect society better? Hear why good judgment is so important in keeping our community safe. Watch the Video



According to an early 2014 study, 75% of Americans think Marijuana will eventually be legal. Several people have asked Jake about this issue. Hear how Jake will approach these cases with both respect for the law and common sense. Watch the Video